This personality test contains 50 statements. Please respond honestly and quickly for accurate results.


01. When the phone rings, do you:

02. Are you more:

03. Is it worse to:

04. With people, are you usually more:

05. Are you more comfortable in making:

06. Is clutter in the workplace something you:

07. Is it your way to:

08. Waiting in line, do you often:

09. Are you more:

10. Are you more interested in:

11. In making up your mind, are you more likely to go by:

12. In sizing up others, do you tend to be:

13. Do you prefer contracts to be:

14. Are you more satisfied having:

15. At a party, do you:

16. Do you like writers who:

17. Do you tend to be more:

18. Which appeals to you more:

19. If you must disappoint someone, are you usually:

20. Do you like things:

21. Do you often prefer:

22. Does interacting with strangers:

23. Facts is:

24. Do you find visionaries and theorists:

25. In a heated discussion, do you:

26. Is it better to be:

27. At work, is it more natural for you to:

28. Are you more comfortable:

29. Do you tend to:

30. Common sense is:

31. You get more leverage when working as:

32. When in charge of others, do you tend to be:

33. Are you more often:

34. In achieving goals, you usually are:

35. In most situations, are you more:

36. Do you think of yourself as:

37. Are you more frequently:

38. Do you speak more in:

39. Which is more of a compliment:

40.Which rules you more:

41. When finishing a job, do you like to:

42. Do you prefer to work:

43. Are you the kind of person who:

44. Are you inclined to take what is said:

45. Do you more often see:

46. Is it worse to be:

47. In trying circumstances, are you sometimes:

48. Do you tend to choose:

49. Are you inclined to be more:

50. At work, do you tend to:

Personality Secret Test

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